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(216) 205-3510

A-1 Home R epair Inc.

We are license and Insured.

(216) 205-3510

Office (216) 609-6809

​A - 1   CL E A N I N G   S E R V I C E S   I N C . 

Cleaning Services.

Daily & Nightly Cleaning

Whether you need daily, nightly, or weekly cleaning we can fulfill your needs. The cleanliness of your business is not only a reflection of your business but ours too! Automobile dealerships, commercial buildings, retail stores, factories and warehouses are just a few of our clientele.No matter what type of facility you have we ensure your business will be presented in a professional manner with the following services offered by A-1 Cleaning:

Garbage Disposal

Dusting Decor & Furniture

Cleaning Floors


Washing Windows


Bathroom Cleaning/Sanitation

Scrubbing and polishing floors

Kitchen Cleaning/Sanitation

And much more!

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